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It’s not too late to fight spring, summer pests

Mid-spring and many homeowners are already seeing bee, wasp and hornet activity around those favorite nesting spots. Carpenter ants have likely already made their presence known in your kitchen and around your foundation. Even some mosquito activity may be noticed on those warmer evenings outside. It’s not too late to treat your home and yard for spring and summer pests.

Bees and wasps start seeking out protected places for nests in the early spring, so by now you may be seeing regular activity around decks and eaves and under steps around your home. Hornets can be especially aggressive when disturbed, so calling in a professional now, while the nests are still small, can save you a lot of trouble later.

Carpenter ants are attracted to the mulch you may have just spread in your flowerbeds. Once gathered around your foundation, they will find their way inside seeking food and water, and store-bought household sprays usually cannot handle the rapidly growing colonies.

While it’s still a little early for mosquitoes to be bothersome, it’s not too early to get mosquito treatments that can keep them at bay later. Staying ahead of the worst seasonal pests is the best way to keep your home and yard comfortable and healthy for your family.

How can you help limit the invasion?

  • Make regular inspections of favored nesting areas and watch for pest activity—bees and wasps flying in and out from under benches, steps and deck overhangs, for example. Contact Grace Exterminating to direct treatment in those areas.

  • Empty and remove items in your yard that collect water. Pools, old tires, and toys are a primary breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you maintain a bird bath, inquire at your home improvement store how you can keep this water safe and free of mosquito larvae.

  • Consider using river rock or gravel to finish flower beds rather than wood mulch, a primary haven for carpenter ants. The professionals at Grace can treat the perimeter of your home inside and out to create a barrier against these damaging pests.

  • Inspect wood landscaping edging and railroad ties for rot, as these are a favored nesting spot for ants and wasps. Remove and replace rotting wood and treat sound pieces to prevent infestation.

  • Make it the rule to keep outdoor eating areas and kitchen counters clear of leftover food and quickly clean up sugary spills to prevent attracting pests.

Our professionals are always available for guidance on how to keep your home and yard pest free. At Grace Exterminating, our seasonal treatments for all spring and summer pests are effective and safe for children and pets. Call today!

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